PDO Thread Lift Denver, CO

As we age, our skin loosens and becomes saggy and wrinkled. Tightening and lifting aged, sagging skin used to be restricted to invasive procedures like facelift surgery. Today, modern cosmetic medicine advances have brought forth more treatment choices than ever before for targeting skin tissue laxity, including minimally invasive thread lifts. New Age Wellness and Aesthetics in Greenwood Village, CO is a full-scale medical spa that offers PDO threads to our patients as a minimally invasive alternative to surgery. If excess or sagging skin below your chin or jawline has given you a look of aging, contact one of our specialists immediately to learn how a thread lift can non-surgically restore your youthful tight skin.

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What Is a Thread Lift?

The thread lift procedure utilizes dissolvable sutures to anchor and support facial tissue beneath the skin’s surface. This minimally invasive procedure will elevate and tighten loose skin, eliminating the need to cut or remove any excess skin. Over time, the body naturally dissolves the threads, resulting in tightened, revitalized skin.

PDO threads can stimulate collagen production for improved tighten skin results over time. A PDO thread lift will activate the body’s automatic recovery response, so a thread lift can initiate the body’s natural mechanisms to help skin look and feel younger.

At New Age Wellness and Aesthetics, our skin specialists offer PDO threads during their procedures due to their increased effectiveness at lifting and smoothing sagging skin. PDO threads are specially designed with small bi-directional anchors that hook and lift sagging skin, producing superior results to similar products.

What Areas Can a Thread Lift Treat?

PDO thread lift treatment are FDA-approved for reducing loose skin in the mid-face and neck area and are frequently used to target minor to medium degrees of skin laxity. The most commonly treated areas are around the cheeks, sagging jowls and neck, and eyes.

Who Would Be a Good Candidate for a PDO Thread Lift?

If a patient is unwilling or unable to undergo invasive facelift surgery, PDO threads are a viable non-surgical facelift option for tightening loose or sagging skin. A thread lift may not provide optimal results for patients with an excessive amount of saggy skin but could offer some degree of long-lasting facial rejuvenation for those who wish to avoid surgical alternatives.

A prime candidate should have good skin elasticity and realistic expectations about the results. Our skin specialists can determine if a thread lift is right for your needs following an in-person evaluation.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

An initial consultation will enable us to determine your candidacy for PDO Thread treatment. Our PDO specialists will define the treatment goals, discuss overall aesthetic goals and determine if PDO Threads are the best recommendation for you.

PDO thread treatments are completed as an outpatient procedure, unlike invasive facelift surgery. Before inserting the threads, the specialist will outline the treatment area to ensure the best results. Then a local anesthetic will be administered to target the specific areas for numbing.

A small incision with a needle will be made and the PDO threads will be inserted and secured into place.

The entire procedure to tighten sagging skin can be completed in under an hour.

Are there any Potential Side Effects of a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are a minimally invasive form of cosmetic surgery that has few negative effects, although patients may experience mild bruising, swelling, and tenderness for up to one week.

When PDO threading is performed by a trained professional, is a much lower risk of complications compared to invasive face surgeries. Minor complications have been known to occur in 15 to 20 percent of procedures but are usually easily corrected, such as:

  • visible sutures (especially in people with thin skin)
  • infection
  • snapping of threads
  • accumulation of blood (hematoma)
  • inflammation
  • dimpling (orange peel-like skin texture)
  • salivary gland injury

Do Thread Lifts Require Any Downtime?

There is minimal downtime with a PDO thread lift. Patients are free to return to most normal activities immediately following a PDO thread procedure. Visible side effects may be prominent for a few days, so some may wish to stay home while the face heals. However, makeup can be applied in 24 hours to cover up any visible side effects.

Thread lifts are pain-free, require no downtime, and normal daily activity can be performed as soon as the next day. Thread lifts allow for safe and effective treatment while avoiding some of the common problems associated with other surgical treatments.


Some post-surgery guidelines patients should follow after undergoing a PDO lift are:

  • Avoid rubbing your face to prevent displacement of the sutures
  • Place an extra pillow under your head at night to keep your head elevated, for up to one week to avoid placing direct pressure on the treatment areas.
  • Avoid chewing gum and foods that require vigorous chewing for the first week or so of recovery.

What Kind of Results Can Be Expected?

Following a PDO thread lift procedure, loose skin will immediately appear tighter and more youthful. Facial contours may be temporarily altered by swelling and bruising. The skin lifting effect will provide fast and apparent results, while the increased collagen synthesis will continue to improve outcomes for up to six months. Once the body has absorbed the biodegradable threads, tighter, firmer skin will remain behind.

How Long Do Results Last?

Thread lifts are more long-lasting than other nonsurgical treatments. The majority of patients are satisfied with their results for approximately 12-18 months, and few patients have reported an improved appearance that has lasted up to three years. The thread lift technique may be repeated as often as desired for a continuously youthful look for many years.

Firmer, Tighter Skin at New Age Aesthetics and Wellness Med Spa

Because of the high, dry climate in Denver CO, the skin may become extremely dry. It does not have a chance to hydrate adequately when subjected to the harsh winter air or intense UV radiation during the summer.

Denver patients have the option to undergo hyaluronic acid filler procedures to add extra hydration and improve facial volume.

Many patients are glad they chose dermal fillers over invasive cosmetic surgery for their skincare with minimal recuperation time and absolutely amazing results!