Naturally Restore Your Youthful Appearance

What is Sculptra

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler used to gradually replace lost collagen in the body to create a naturally younger-looking appearance. Collagen production slows down as we age, resulting in thin, sagging skin and facial lines and wrinkles that can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Yet, you don’t have to look your age! Add facial volume and fullness naturally with Sculptra. Sculptra stimulates collagen growth over time to restore your youthful look. Rather than masking your aging skin symptoms, Sculptra works as a collagen stimulator to solve the source of your aging skin: a lack of collagen production.

Who is Right for Sculptra

If you are looking for a subtle, natural way to enhance your appearance, consider Sculptra. Aging is inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to reverse the look of aging skin.

Sculptra uses a natural regenerative process to restore collagen production in the face. Whether you feel self-conscious about deep facial lines, smile lines, or your mid-face, Sculptra provides a natural way to turn back signs of aging by smoothing facial lines for younger-looking skin.

What to Expect During Treatment

Expect each session to take anywhere between 15 to 60 minutes. The number of areas you want to be treated will impact the length of time per session. 

During the Sculptra treatment, your doctor will use a fine needle to inject the filler into your desired areas of the face.  It’s important to note results will not be immediate. It will gradually take time for the body to produce more collagen to create volume in and around the injection site post-treatment. 

After your treatment, your doctor may recommend you massage the injection site consistently over the next week. Multiple Sculptra sessions (often 2 to 3 sessions, 6 weeks apart) are recommended to achieve optimal results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sculptra works gradually to stimulate collagen production. Don’t expect significant, immediate results. It will take about 6 weeks to start seeing the initial treatment results. Often, 2-3 sessions about 6 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.

Following these additional treatments patients start to see more significant signs of improvement.

Once you’ve had your entire set of recommended Sculptra sessions, results can last up to 2 years!