Medical-Grade Skin Care

Improve Treatment Results with Our Wide Selection of Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

Industry-Leading Products Designed to Maximize Treatment Results

Want to know the secret to achieving optimal treatment results, faster? Aftercare.

How you treat your skin post-treatment is critical to not only accelerate your treatment results but improve your results for gorgeously glowing skin that lasts.

Medical-grade skin care provides patients with the opportunity to enhance their treatment results at home. An individualized home care regimen helps patients maximize treatment results while achieving long-lasting results.

Choose among an assortment of leading medical-grade skin care product lines like SkinBetter, DefenAge, iS Clinical, Alastin, Elta, Epionce, and more.

Whether you are looking for a reliable sun care product to protect your skin, to a cutting-edge product to rejuvenate your skin’s appearance from the inside out, we offer a selection of reliable skin care products for your exact skincare concerns.

Why not give your skin everything it needs to look and feel its best?

Discover our wide selection of medical-grade skin care products to naturally enhance your skin below.


SkinBetter offers a line of scientifically advanced products designed to effortlessly enhance your skin’s look and feel. Whether you’re looking for an effective overnight cream to rejuvenate your skin or a broad-spectrum sunscreen to reliably protect your skin, SkinBetter provides a collection of innovative skin care products to enhance and protect your skin’s appearance.


DefenAge is an anti-aging skincare company that uses technological innovation and clean beauty standards to create products specially created to care for your deepest skin concerns. This brand’s commitment to creating the cleanest products backed by research ensures your skin receives only the highest quality ingredients to improve the look and feel of your skin.


Face Reality Skincare is an award-winning brand dedicated to the effective treatment of acne through its lineup of professional-grade products and personalized acne care plans. Renowned for its 90-day clear skin program, the company boasts a high success rate backed by a network of certified acne experts across the United States. With a commitment to holistic approaches and cruelty-free products, Face Reality Skincare not only addresses acne but also educates on lifestyle impacts, ensuring both immediate and sustainable results​


Alastin provides clinically proven skincare products to reverse visible signs of aging and achieve optimal aesthetic treatment results. Using their patented TriHex Technology, Alastin’s innovative products help support the production of collagen and elastin essential for skin rejuvenation and restoration. Renewing your skin from the inside out helps you naturally achieve more youthful skin that lasts.


Elta is an industry-leading sun and skin care brand that helps heal, protect, and renew your skin. With a versatile product line for every skin type’s every need, Elta’s range of products helps you achieve radiantly glowy, healthy skin. Elta’s sun care products safely protect your skin from the widest range of UVA and UVB rays while their skin care products help to cleanse and repair your skin to look and feel its best.


Epionce provides a range of clinically tested skin care products to effectively address your unique skin care concerns. Epionce’s products have been found to visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, uneven texture, dry skin, and radiantly clarify and brighten your skin’s appearance for healthier, younger-looking skin. Achieve beautiful, healthy skin with Epionce’s line of clinically proven skin care products.


Upneeq is an FDA-approved eyedrop product that helps lift your eyelids to visibly appear more open and alert. With just one dose of Upneeq, your eyes can appear instantly more awake in minutes for results that last all day long. This product is ideal for those who suffer from low-lying eyelids caused by mild to severe eyelid ptosis.


Achieve fuller, longer, darker eyelashes with Latisse. Latisse is a treatment specially designed to help those who struggle with not having enough lashes. Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription drug that can safely and effectively help promote eyelash growth for stronger, longer, thicker eyelashes that last.

ProPatch Topical Supplement Patches

ProPatch Topical Supplement Patches deliver vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin to boost your energy. This innovative supplement technology helps support your body’s overall shaping goals by reducing your appetite while helping to improve your energy and metabolism. The topical patch application is effortless and convenient, helping you to further enhance your body-shaping treatment results.