Don’t Let Your Hormonal Imbalance Define You. Take Back Your Life

Safe & Effective Way to Balance Your Hormone Levels

The slightest hormonal imbalance can significantly impact your health and well-being. From weight gain to mood swings, low energy, and more, your hormones play a critical role in your quality of life– for better or for worse.

While change is a natural part of life, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through unpredictable hormonal changes that leave you feeling anything but yourself.

BHRT provides you the opportunity to take back your life to effortlessly embrace the real you, free from your fluctuating hormonal symptoms.

BHRT (Biomedical Hormone Replacement Therapy) is a treatment that uses man-made hormones that closely mimic your body’s natural hormone production to balance out your hormone levels.

Bioidentical hormones are specially derived from natural plant sources that chemically resemble the body’s natural hormones for safe, effective results.

Gone are the days of letting your hormonal imbalance take charge of your life. BHRT is a quick and easy treatment that helps you regain control over your life to achieve a normal, healthy lifestyle.

BHRT Treatment For Men

Men can struggle with a hormonal imbalance at any age. However, most men typically experience signs of a hormonal imbalance in middle-age thanks to a natural decline in testosterone

Low testosterone can significantly interfere with a man’s health and quality of life and result in various negative physical and mental health symptoms like muscle loss, weight gain, fatigue, a low sex drive, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, depression, and more.

Unfortunately, many men dismiss these symptoms, which only further delays your ability to live a normal, healthy life at any age.

BHRT treatment helps men restore their testosterone to a healthy level so they can get back to living and feeling like themselves again. Men who undergo BHRT treatment report experiencing several benefits, like:

Hormonal imbalances are not just a problem for women. BHRT is a comprehensive hormone treatment that helps men take back control over their lives to live a more balanced, healthy life at any age.

BHRT Treatment For Women

Fluctuating hormone levels and hormonal imbalances are two very different things. Hormone fluctuations are a natural part of life for a woman. However, enduring various symptoms caused by a hormonal imbalance like fatigue, depression, low libido, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, and more is not normal and should not be ignored.

Women can suffer from a hormonal imbalance at any age for a variety of reasons. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all rise and fall; however, whenever your hormones become “off” or disproportionate to one another, this can significantly interfere with your health.

BHRT treatment helps safely and effectively treat your hormonal imbalance so you can get back to leading a normal, healthy life. Women who receive BHRT treatment report various physical and mental health benefits, such as:

With highly personalized treatment plans according to your exact needs, BHRT treatment offers women struggling with a hormonal imbalance the chance to regain control over their lives and live a more vibrant and healthier life.

Customizable Treatment Plans Tailored to Your Unique Body

Each patient is uniquely different. Various factors like genetics, preexisting health conditions, lifestyle habits, and age all play a pivotal role in your hormone levels.

That’s why receiving a customizable hormone treatment plan to balance your body’s one-of-a-kind needs is essential.

BHRT provides tailored treatment plans so patients can achieve their optimal hormone levels to live a balanced, healthy life.

Through a series of blood tests done before and after treatment, patients’ hormonal deficiencies are carefully evaluated to ensure they receive the exact hormones their body needs to effectively balance their hormone levels.

Who is Right for BHRT

Any man or woman suffering from a hormonal imbalance may be a good candidate for BHRT treatment.

If your life is negatively impacted by your hormonal imbalance, and you no longer feel like your light-hearted, energetic self, consider BHRT.

Unlike physical signs of aging, a hormonal imbalance is invisible, and can often be tricky to diagnose.

If you are in your 20s or older, and suspect you may have a hormonal imbalance, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Weight Gain
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Unexplained and sometimes sudden Weight Loss
  • Increased Sensitivity to Cold or Heat
  • Increased Thirst & Hunger
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Low Energy
  • Trouble Sleeping

What to Expect

Before treatment, your doctor will take a series of blood tests to measure your hormone levels. These blood tests will determine your unique BHRT treatment plan to ensure your body receives the exact hormones it needs.

Specifically, your blood tests will provide a more accurate look at how much and which form of bioidentical hormones may be right for you.

There are several methods of BHRT treatment: pills, patches, creams, gels, shots, and implanted pellets.

Your doctor will carefully devise a tailored treatment plan to effectively balance your hormone levels. More than one BHRT treatment plan may be used to find the exact method right for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional hormone replacement therapy treatments that use manufactured hormones from synthetic sources, bioidentical hormones are derived from plant sources that are similar to the natural hormones produced in the human body.

Results vary on a patient-by-patient basis. Some patients may notice results in a few weeks, while for most patients it may take a few months to notice the complete results of their BHRT treatment.

Yes! BHRT provides a permanent solution to balance your hormone levels. While consistent diet and exercise can help relieve your symptoms, BHRT treatment provides effective results that last.