Shave Away Dull, Damaged Skin

Effortlessly Reveal Smoother, Fresher, Healthier Skin

Are dead skin cells and peach fuzz getting in the way of achieving silky-smooth skin?

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation treatment that helps patients get rid of dead skin cells and peach fuzz to reveal soft, silky smooth skin underneath. This non-invasive procedure is an effective method to achieve fresher-looking skin fast.

Conveniently stop by our office and immediately achieve more rejuvenated skin in less than 30 minutes for a fresher, brighter, glowy complexion.

Not only will your skin look and feel softer and firmer, but applying makeup will be easier thanks to your clear skin not having excess hair, dirt, and dead skin on its surface.

Safely rejuvenate your skin’s effortless glow by removing old, damaged skin with dermaplaning. With zero downtime required, this painless treatment provides the perfect solution to naturally enhance your complexion without using harsh chemicals.

If you’ve been looking for a gentle treatment to pamper your skin, look no further than dermaplaning to achieve the fresher, healthier-looking skin you deserve.

Who is Right for Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a versatile skin-resurfacing treatment that can help a variety of skin concerns. If you feel self-conscious about your acne scars, dull dry skin, or peach fuzz, dermaplaning is an effective way to safely get rid of these skin imperfections and more.

Don’t let your dull, damaged skin drag you down. Dermplaning helps you confidently embrace fresher, healthier-looking skin for easier makeup application and an overall smoother complexion.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple treatment to enhance your natural beauty affordably, look no further than dermaplaning.

What to Expect

Your aesthetician will cleanse your skin to remove any excess bacteria, dirt, or oils before your treatment. During treatment, the specialist will use a blade at a 45-degree angle to painlessly glide over your skin to remove any unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Then, a warm towel will be used to remove any excess dead skin or hair still lingering on your skin’s surface. Moisturizers will then be applied to the skin to plump and hydrate your beautiful new, glowing skin.

Zero downtime is required, so you can conveniently get this quick 30-minute treatment and resume your daily life with newer, healthier-looking skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Expect your results to last about one month as this is not a permanent treatment. Therefore, if you are looking to maintain your results, consider scheduling your next dermaplaning session once every four weeks.

Dermaplaning removes unwanted baby hairs on the skin’s surface. Unlike waxing or tweezing, dermaplaning shaves away these unwanted hairs and prevents hair from growing back thicker.

If you currently have acne, you should wait until your acne has cleared as dermaplaning can spread bacteria and cause further breakouts and irritation on your skin.